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Here are some external resources for more information on EGL Fashion!



Lolita fashion is a unique experience for everyone. Check out these blogs from other members of the community.

Written by the lovely Rose Nocturalia, popular Youtuber and even featured in Vogue. Focuses on EGL fashion, visual kei music, and personal experiences within the fashion.

Another EGL based blogger with heavy Goth, New Romantic and Visual Kei influences. Site is still under construction but expect amazing things from this creator!

One of my favourite blogs, ever. Contains a lot of information and resources for beginner and experienced lolitas. Sadly it hasn't been updated in a while but I still find myself rereading it.

A plus sized gothic lolita based in Japan with an extensive knowledge of Mana, Seji and EGL fashion. A very new blog but I'm looking forward to seeing more content!



A large searchable database of releases from many lolita fashion brands.

A vast collection of lolita images from various sources like; Gothic & Lolita Bible, Kera, brand catalogues and more!