A Blooming Brand: Cage of Roses

If you asked me as a teen what kind of job I wanted to have my brain would probably just blue screened. I was a creative kid and I deeply enjoyed visual arts, however I was haunted by the stereotype of a starving artist. Money insecurity is a giant fear of mine and it felt like it was a reality of many of the careers I was interested in. My skills were also deepy rooted in anime and I struggled to transfer them to any other media. I ended up taking a year off to try and decide what I should do and it ended up being a huge mistake which nearly cost me the ability to continue to post-secondary education.

I ended up being able to continue so I chose a school in Toronto to try and escape my failures and which also offered a course in fashion and business; combining the practicality of business and creativity of clothing design. It was then I decided I wanted to start my own lolita fashion brand.

Once I finished college I immediately went to work and got my first job in manufacturing. I was mesmerized by the production process and how something started as a number on a computer screen and how information flowed to become a tangible product. However, I was not on the design of things. It's been nearly a decade and I've only ever worked as production worker but every now and then I get overwhelmed with creative urges once again.

Thanks to my current financial situation and available resources, I finally feel like I am finally capable of finally launching my brand: Cage of Roses. There's still a lot of little details that I need to nail down but I hope you can look forward to more updates to come.

Thanks for reading!


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