EMS Closure, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

In another episode of the 2020 shitshow; on November 26th (the night before American Black Friday) it was announced that Japan is drastically reducing EMS shipments. In a stroke of luck I had just placed a Wunderwelt order for Moi-Meme-Moitie's newest releases: Velveteen M+CROIX Ribbon Tie (in black), two Cross Candelabra Ribbon Combs (in white) and a Clear Jewel Cross Pendant (not mine, ordering with a friend) and I missed the deadline for shipping so now our package is stuck in limbo.

[screaming internally]

My twintails yearn for the day that my Moitie Ribbon Combs come home...

In theory, this news should curb my spending but with the amount of brands participating sales this weekend and the upcoming lucky pack season; the reality is I'll probably be spending more on private shipping options and duties.

Another casualty of the EMS closure is my Deoart order.

I've had my eye on this set for quiet some time and I was extremely excited to see it went on sale for Black Friday! I'm hoping to recreate this look with a ACDC Rag blouse I already own and potentially the Moi-Meme-Moitie Velveteen Bow.

Thankfully, one major release I was anticipating was US based. The exchange rate killed me but at least I had budgeted it for it. I immediately started saving up as much money as I could once Neant Glass started to tease their Small Business Saturday collection. Their pressed flower series has seem to be extremely popular as of late. Unfortunately I missed out and they were taken out of my cart as I was paying. HOWEVER! I managed to get my hands on the Navy Special Set, the Rose Quartz and Black Bat Coffins.

I hope those who managed to get flower coffins really love their purchases! I was able to acquire a Rose Coffin from Neant's last release and the quality really BLEW ME AWAY. Kei's workmanship surely will not disappoint!

That's all the spending I did this weekend. Did anyone else participate in Black Friday? I'd love to see what you got!