Paper Dolls Series by Dolls Party

I'm keeping the Taobao train going by looking into this release by Dolls Party. I remember being very interested in Dolls Party's very first release but ended up passing on it because I thought since sweet lolita didn't suit me, then neither would old school. I got to see it in person afterwards and I immediately regretted it.

The first piece that really drew me in was the

Paper Dolls Gothic Short Skirt

which features an all over print of their signature motif (creepy dolls) on a flouncy two tiered skirt with white lace. Trying to stay true to my current wardrobe goal of keeping casual and punky: I already own a few cutsews that would pair decently with it. I'm also embarassed to say that COVID and grief hit me hard and I've gained a significant amount of weight so something with an elasticized waist is right up my alley.

The cuts of this series is based around Japanese school uniforms also known as seifuku which I'm told is currently in style in China. This release also features a sailor style top and pleated skirt incorporating the same all over pattern. The silhouettes of the models reminds me of Momoko and Ichigo of Kamikazi Girls; the lolita verses yankii styles.

I'm not expecting a high quality but that doesn't mean that I'm not excited. The fabric looks light and fluffy; something that I can throw on quickly in the spring. I'm currently undecided about the rest of the series but there's something very cute about the skirt and top combo. I'm worried my facial features won't suit such a youthful style but perhaps that may be irreverent with current mandatory mask laws.

Dolls Party - Paper Dolls Series

Gothic Sailor Collar Top - Gothic Long Pleated Skirt - Gothic Short Skirt