The Butterfly Effect Series by Star Fantasy

This past week was the deadline for this preorder and I wanted to talk about it for many reasons.

First off, it's been a long time since I have bought something off of Taobao. I'm very out of the loop when it comes to the platform and everything it has to offer. The width of products, brands and ways to purchase from this site is very impressive and a bit overwhelming. That's one of the reasons why I fell off keeping tracking of Taobao releases.

Taobao's brand of gothic style has also never been my cup of tea. I've taken a chance when Lolita Taobao was in their infancy but I've always found their cuts not suited for someone with my body type. It's been a few years now and I've decided to give Taobao another shot since my tastes, measurements and the selection of shops has all changed!

I was immediately drawn to this piece.

The Butterfly Effect Punk Lolita JSK Matching Hoodie

My goals are to incorporate more punk and visual kei influences into my looks as well as experiment more with Ouji and casual outfits. This fits right in with my non-lolita wardrobe so I have no worries about getting my money's worth with this cutsew. That was just the beginning however, once I saw it coordinated I began to seriously consider buying more of this set.

This outfit totally nails the aesthetic that I'm currently interested in. It's casual, punky and still has a hint of lolita silhouette.

Due to the shininess of the JSK I'm expecting more of either a silky or chiffon texture. I don't think I'll get a lot of wear out of it outside the coord I already have planned for it. The bar is set pretty low and that's due to my previous experiences with Taobao sizing. I'm also having trouble imagining it on my body. Sadly, I am not a small kawaii model. I have a feeling that the skirt will be super short on me. If it ends up not fitting properly I have a little niece that I could pass it on to. I hope this set ends up blowing me away but only time will tell. You can expect a full review once it arrives! Until then, here are the rest of the product pictures.

The Butterfly Effect Punk Lolita Dress JSK by Star Fantasy

The JSK comes in many variations, you have the options of a high waisted or corseted version, a long or short length and choice of 2 colourways (blue-green or grey). Lengths look hardly distinguishable to me except for the black underskirt. Perhaps it's more noticeable in person.

The Butterfly Effect Punk Lolita Dress JSK Matching Hoodie by Star Fantasy

I really love how this hoodie looks layered!

The Butterfly Effect Punk Lolita Dress JSK Matching Top by Star Fantasy

The Butterfly Effect Series Lolita Shoes by Star Fantasy

The wings are a separate add-on and can only be purchased with an order of the shoes. I considered getting them but I decided that I wouldn't get much use out of them since they're flat and I'm not a fan of how my feet look in those style of shoes.

The Butterfly Effect Series Matching KC / Bracelet / Choker / Wings by Star Fantasy

I couldn't find the original shop to look at different stock photos of these. I'm really annoyed that the only close ups we see have the bracelet blurry and the choker chain partially obscured. I'm a nerd for detail shots.

I'm really impressed at how many photoshoots they did for this release. I guess it makes sense considering how many variations the JSK comes in. My favourite outfits are the ones with pigtails and butterfly hair clips, it's such a cute look and one I find myself wearing with lolita often.

This series is very similar to the style that I wanted to try. It's hard to go wrong with the low price point. It's nice to be able to try a different style with minimal monetary investment. I'm looking forward to ordering this! I'm not expecting much in terms of garment quality or resale, it's more about trying something new and possibly seeing if it's something I find myself consistently wearing. Expect lots of pictures once it arrives.

Until next time, stay safe!


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