Throwback Thursday: What the Frill?! and the Timeshare Jacket

A few years ago I was experimenting with different blogging platforms and I started a lolita podcast called What the Frill?! I had bought a cheap snowball mic and talked to myself in my car. I only made it a few episodes unfortunately, if you ever find them you can hear now nervous I was hahaha. Sadly, this point in my life still brings up a lot of trauma for me so don't count on me returning to voice work. I now know that I feel a lot more comfortable blogging but it was indeed a fun experiment while it lasted.

This coord was a souvenir from a very fun day. I had stayed the night with my wonderful friend Rose Nocturnalia and the next day she dressed me in her cherished Gathered Chiffon JSK. We drove downtown to meet up with another dear friend, Vudu Juju.

The Timeshare Jacket

We went thrifting in Kensington Market and found these two really nice matching leather jackets. Chels bought one while me and Juju couldn't decide who was going to buy the other as it looked great and perfectly fit the both of us. In the end, we decided to split the cost and it would be a timeshare jacket, the both of us would alternate keeping it for a few weeks. This was a few years ago and the jacket went back and forth across the province several times as it travelled from Juju's hands to mine. In a small silver lining, when my mother passed, she left a jacket to me which was exactly like the timeshare jacket. Which means that now: me, Juju and Rose all have matching jackets.

Coord Rundown

Headdress: Taobao

Jacket: Danier

JSK: Alice and the Pirates

Blouse: Atelier Pierrot

Tights: Offbrand

UTKs: Metamorphose temps de fille

Bag: h.naoto x Nightmare Before Christmas

Shoes: To Alice

It was dark, wet and cold that day but seeing my friends left an everlasting warmth inside. By a silly stroke of luck, Juju and I wore matching coloured wigs. I distinctly remember not wanting to leave them. Thankfully, this was not our last adventure together! I'm looking forward to more small dessert and thrifting dates once it's safe for everyone.

This was a nice stroll down memory lane. <3

Thank you to @RoseNocturnalia and @VuduJuju for the photos and for giving permission to post them. I love you both so much!

Until next time, please stay safe and wash your hands!


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